Friday, November 12, 2004

Blog Problems - Open Thread

I've received a couple of reports that there are problems with viewing this blog. Unfortunately, I can't replicate these issues on IE or Firefox on my own machine. If you are experiencing a problem. Please leave a comment on this post with specific details about what you are experiencing and what browser/version you are using.

Come to think of it, please leave a comment also if you are not experiencing problems so I can judge how widespread this issue is. Thanks.

Update (2/20 10:00pm EST): Seems to be a problem with the sidebar in IE, but I can't replicate it. I sent a help request to Blogger Support; hopefully they will get back to me soon. In the meantime, you were meaning to switch to Firefox anyways - why not now?

Update (2/21 10:00am EST): Looks like the problem is confined to IE and operating systems other than XP. I made a couple of changes last night, so if you have this configuration let me know if you are still experiencing this problem.

Update (2/22 4:00pm EST): Logis was able to narrow the problem down to a single post. It should be fixed now, but I'm waiting for confirmation from him.

Get Firefox!

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