Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Save the Mill Valley Chess Board!!

An organization of old bags in Marin County, California are fighting the installation of a giant chess board.

The proposed giant chess board for Mill Valley's downtown Lytton Square is in trouble. Talk of checkmating the idea, unthinkable and unmentioned until yesterday, has surfaced.

Members of the city's 100-year-old Outdoor Art Club launched a campaign yesterday to get the Mill Valley Arts and Recreation Commission - which approved the huge chess board a year ago - to reopen the issue because they believe the board and giant chess pieces are antithetical to the artistic aura of the picturesque square.

"We question the appropriateness of having that much space turned over to a giant chess set," said Caroline Robinson, a member of the Civics and Conservation Committee of the arts club.

Chessplayers everywhere, descend on Mill Valley. Take to the streets. Picket in front of Ms. Robinson's house. Save the Chess Board!!

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