Monday, January 02, 2006

Herb Healy Open House at the Boylston

Lots of chess, lots of chess talk, and lots of food. A terrific opening for the New Year. Really extraordinary thanks to Bernardo Iglesias and Mike Griffin for all their efforts organizing, shopping, setting up, cooking, and running the party like (digital) clockwork. And to FM Paul MacIntyre who came out of a sick bed to help!

It may not have been the largest New Year's party, but it must have been the most highly rated - saturated with masters and experts, including 3x US Champion GM Larry Christiansen (see DG's previous post and add NM Frank Wang and WIM Vesna Dimitrijevic).

And including Christopher Williams who recently won the national 11th grade co-championship. As he had done at the BU Open, Chris beat SM Jacob Rasin in an exciting game and so unofficially pulled himself over the 2200 level and started 2006 as an incipient new master. Congratulations!

Some photos are now available here.

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