Thursday, January 04, 2007

Herb Healy Results

The final crosstables for the 2007 BCC Herb Healy Open House have been posted in the news section of the Boylston Chess club website.

In the rated section, IM David Vigorito and Expert Joe Perl tied for 1st with perfect 4-0 records. While Vigorito didn't face a player rated over 2200 all day, Perl defeated both FM Chase and NM Shmelov. Jason Rihel also had a nice day scoring 3.5-0.5 including a draw with LM Godin and a last round win over young phenom Stuart Finney (who was undefeated after 3 rounds).

There was also a tie for first in the unrated section where GM Larry Christiansen and NM Alex Cherniack both scored 3.5 points. The two met in Round 3 and drew.

Several players claimed master scalps throughout the day including: Joe Perl (over FM Chase & NM Shmelov), Lawyer Times (over FM MacIntyre), Carey Theil (over NM Riordan), Stuart Finney (over LM Godin), David Glickman (over IM Fang), and Yogesh Raghunathan (over NM Enkin).

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