Thursday, February 15, 2007

What Chessdad64 has to look forward to

MJ explains how teaching her son to play chess has come back to haunt her:
I taught my son to play chess when he was three. We used to play chess all the time. He just really fell in love with the game. So he read umpteen books on how to play it really well, he went to camp for it, and he played a million phantom games with himself. He played it constantly for years. So he got really good. Now he can totally clean my clock in like five seconds flat. I stopped playing chess with my son. It's not because I am bad sport and I can't take getting beat. It's just not good for him. He has started to think that because he can beat me at chess that he is smarter than me and can question my thinking. That's not the only reason for it, but it doesn't help. He is just starting to enter the Know-it-all phase of his existence and playing a game where he can whoop me is not helping him to avoid becoming an arrogant little punk. So I don't play chess with him anymore.

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