Monday, April 23, 2007

Local chess celebrities

The West Weekly section of yesterday's Sunday Boston Globe included a story on the chess exploits of the Frenklakh family (Valery, his son Dmitry, and nephew Roman Gankin). The Frenklakhs play in Boylston Chess Club events from time to time.

I was happy to learn that teaching chess is substantially more lucrative than flipping burgers:
It was Dmitry who suggested his younger cousin, Roman Gankin, start teaching chess after school. Gankin had been manning the fryer at Wild Willy's Burgers in Watertown, and was ready for a change. "I just felt that it wasn't for me," Gankin said. "I needed something more intellectual."

Now Gankin earns in three to four hours of teaching chess what he made spending 18 hours at Wild Willy's.
The article also mentions BCF member Matt Klegon, one of Valery's students, who recently won the Massachusetts High School Championship. Congratulations Matt!

Read "Chess mates - Family shares love, talent for game."

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