Thursday, August 16, 2007

GMs lead the way at the New England Masters

After 5 of 9 rounds at the New England Masters, GMs Shabalov and Kritz share the lead with 4 points. The early rounds seem to be following a fairly consistent pattern: 1) When facing each other, the GMs draw; 2) When facing non-GMs (let's call them "pretenders to the crown"), the GMs put their lower-titled competitors back in their place. The only exception is GM Nigel Davies, who seems content to draw with just about everyone.

Heading into Round 6, the current group of pretenders includes IM Sarker, IM Milman, IM Ippolito, and FM Critelli, all with 3.5 points. Each is set to face off against a GM.

BCF President FM Paul MacIntyre is holding his own with 2.5 points.

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