Friday, October 12, 2007

Re-entry Re-visited

Remember our discussion awhile back about problems with reentries at the club? Well now, in a fairly length post about dropping out of tournaments, Polly of Castling Queen Side mentions similar reentry shenanigans at the Marshall Club in New York:
.... I've seen him play on Thursday night where he's way down on the wall chart with me. He's lost his first round to a much higher rated player, and then reenters with a 1/2 point bye for another $15. If he continues to lose on the reentry he drops out. Maybe he likes to try for upsets, or avoid getting paired down. (I knew one kid who used to reenter to avoid getting the bye in the next round. I think he did it to tick me off, because I'd be the next one in line for the bye.) ....

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