Monday, February 25, 2008

"White To Move and Win" vs. "The System" vs. HAL2030

The game of chess has been solved - it's just that we humans don't realize it. Weaver Adams in 1939 wrote his famous tome and in 1999 Hans Berliner took a similar attempt, but neither book is definitive proof that chess has been solved.

Berliner was also an early researcher in computer chess programs. BCF matches between Boylston Chess homers Adams vs. Harry Lyman reinforced doubt.
But in 1997 Deep Blue's victory over Gary Kasparov was a wake up call to us humans that we are now the number two species on the planet. And it's just the beginning.
You object that species is the wrong word to use, but according to "The Singularity is Near" by Ray Kurzweil computer conciousness will definitely be merged by 2030 with human, if Moore's law continues to hold.

The human mind will be blended with computer: not requiring input devices like keyboard or mouse, but having cpu to mind bussing allowing thinking 1000's time faster than current human processing and seamlessly tapped into the internet as well.

Imagine all those chess databases immediately available. Talk about need for firewalls. Why can't I get ICC out of my head? I know you say this is hooey, but If you read the book you will be left with the understanding that Kurzweil is undeniably correct.

This merger will allow computers to learn and evolve to having capacities exceeding mankind, and reproduce independently of man; securing the planet in the event of nuclear war or bad chicken.
Using my mentalist skills, I have seen that in 2031 world chess champ of 20 years Magnus Carlsen age 49 lost his crown to human/borg Tony MilesII-HAl2030 score 7-0. Game one of Carlson vs. MilesII-Hal3020 opened: 1. f3, a5 2. Kf2, Ra6 and in 29 moves (the longest game of the match) the human/borg used only rook and knight in a blazing attack forcing Carlson to resign after using almost all of his allotted 5 hours, losing to MilesII-Hal3020 having used 45.0237 seconds. Members of the MilesII-Hal3020 team said that the new champ could have used even less time, except for the borg/human's tendency to get in the prone position when waiting for its turn to move.

In 2033 heroic human/non-borg-assisted Mohammed Ali III defeats Tony MilesII-HAl2030 under the newly revised E-FIDE.COM/New Jersey Boxing Commission Chess rules allowing for the random use of tasers while in the boxing-chess ring of play. Ali used his superior footwork and ring space to his advantage, while confusing the slower, often recumbent, Tony MilesII-HAl2030 with random shocks to the cpu and brisk combinations breaking up his network signal. Unfortunately because chess was solved earlier in July of 2032, and because every game now ends as a forced stalemate, winning with the taser/boxing strategy is all that now matters. The MilesII-Hal3020 team divulged their cyber partners are working on the next challenger which will be 100% computer named Bjorn Borg-Borg.
Will chess ever be solved? What rule changes will have to occur when human and computer consciousness merge?

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Mike Griffin

References (Highly recommended to read Singularity):

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