Thursday, April 17, 2008

ChrissyBear Turns Tail

Update on the Thursday Night Swiss, currently running.

Paired against sometime expert Jason Rihel, Shabalov-killer Chris Williams was mortally wounded when Jason uncorked the stunning 1. e4! After struggling to a draw in the previous round, Chris was already reeling in this event before this loss. Although Jason had slightly exposed his king by moving its pawn cover, ChrissyBear turned tail and fled, forfeiting the game and incurring the Boylston Chess Club forfeiting penalty.

After Eric Godin and Simon Warfield played to a draw, Jason's defeat of the frightened ChrissyBear put him into a tie for first place going into the final round.

Update update: (Translation: Jason played e4.! and started Chris's clock. Chris never showed up, and he forfeited. Jason assumes Chris was scared off by his bold play.)

Update #2. 4/21 11:30PM Paul informs me that they missed a phone message saying that Chris couldn't come because he was sick. Naturally, I take everything back now. Maybe I should change the post to be directed at the TDs and this mystical invention called the answering machine. But I am out of steam-- after all, I had to kill my forfeited hour somehow, and the blog post was a way to burn some of the thumb twiddling time.

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