Monday, January 05, 2009

BCF profile for 2008

2008 profile

In Dec 2008 we had 164 members, and 4 more joined at the Herb Healy on Jan 1.

Throughout 2008 we have had 234 different people as members.

We had 33 masters (including GMs and IMs), playing or lecturing
including 20 who are current members, plus Denys Shmelov who joined on Jan 1.

Carey Theil earned the NM title this year.

We also had 40 experts and 60 players rated > 1000.

The BCF sponsored 164 distinct events,
some one day and many extending a month or more

324 different players played at least one game during 2008.

IM Dave Vigorito, NM Charles Riordan, and FM Chris Chase
are the BCC co-champions for 2008.

Dave Vigorito is also the BCF President for 2008-2009.

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