Monday, December 21, 2009

New commenting service, Echo, is now up and running.

The old commenting system was discontinued, so we adopted the Echo upgrade.

The new commenting service is now up -- just click on any comment link on the site. It is actually quite impressive, e.g., you can now include an image in your comment.

Since we are now requiring people to authenticate themselves before they comment, we turned off moderation (we can always turn it back on if necessary). This means there will be no delay in posting your comments and perhaps shorter response times.

To authenticate yourself, use the admin button at the upper right corner of the comment page.
I believe that once you set up and log in, you will be able to comment freely until you logout.

By the way, it appears that we can no longer show recent comments on the sidebar. (Update: Recent comments are now showing up again on the sidebar - DG)

-David, Robert, Jason

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