Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chess Incognito

Two months ago on vacation I am in Bonaire in the Caribbean waiting for my wife who is shopping in the most popular store on the island, where it appears that 80% of all the torista's decided to shop at this moment.

I'm waiting outside wearing my Whitey Bulger white Red Sox "B hat" and my Charles Draft's chess T shirt. Ever since I got crap 20 years ago from a psycho Yankee Fan while climbing up the inside of the Grand Canyon 107 degrees plus aggravation from this flaming jerk. That day I decided to always travel incognito: never wear anything to telegraph where you are from when away from home.

Somehow I forgot that on our cruise to the Caribbean when up to me comes an overheated Yankee fan, waiting for his wife, who says to me: "The Red Sox S**K and there are no good chess players from Boston!!"

I'm standing there thinking this is what I get for not going incognito. It's like carrying an idiot magnet in my pocket. I ask: "Do you know any Boston chess players?" Answer: "No there aren't any." Question: "Have you heard of Larry Christiansen?" Answer: "Who's he?" I think to myself stuff like this is so much fun.

Have you ever wished you were incognito?

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