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Understanding the Marshall Attack by David Vigorito


Carsten Hansen

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Dave Vigorito's new book.


Understanding the Marshall Attack by David Vigorito, Gambit Publications 2010, Figurine Algebraic Notation, Paperback, 191pp. $23.95 (ChessCafe Price: $19.95)

While the Marshall Attack is one of Black's sharpest responses to the Spanish Opening, it has come to be considered a solid choice for Black to equalize. Nowadays the opening is much more refined than when it was first introduced by the American grandmaster Frank Marshall, and it is included in the repertoires of countless top players. ...


Nevertheless, Vigorito does admirably well in his efforts to explain typical plans, tactics, and strategies for both sides. This book is largely for an audience rated from 2000, or more likely 2200, and upwards. The lines are long, complicated, and often nearly impossible to understand, even with Vigorito as a guide. By itself this book is difficult to work with because it gives relatively little guidance in regards to repertoire choices. However, if you combine it with the below DVD by Gustafsson, you may have a winning combination.

My assessment of this book: Good
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by David Vigorito

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This seems like an appropriate post in which to display
my pair of Marshall - Vigorito images
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