Friday, May 04, 2012

 Chess on  the Boston Common

On May 2, Ed Foye and I walked up to the Boston Common from our respective offices in the Financial District to check out the inauguration ceremony of the Brewer Fountain Plaza and to play a few games.  We were pleased to see Nathan Smolensky had set up a couple of sets with clocks, so Ed and I immediately sat down and played blitz while nearby Mayor Menino and other officials extolled the virtues of the beautiful plaza.  Alas, Ed had to go back to work, but I could not resist playing hooky a little longer.  Sitting next to the magnificent fountain with the accompaniment of live piano music, I felt transported to Paris' Luxembourg Gardens as Nathan and I played chess with various passersby.

I am excited about the new addition to Boston's chessplaying venues, and will certainly be back.  Nathan will be at the Plaza Monday-Wednesday and on Fridays 12-5, so if you visit during those hours, you will be sure to get a game, even if you come alone.  You may borrow a set from the reading area (where you can also borrow books, magazines, and newspapers) Monday - Friday, even if Nathan is not present.  Finally, you may bring your own set and play anytime,

weather permitting.  Enjoy!  

Natasha  Us-Christiansen

Read the Boston Globe piece about the refurbished Common:

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Rihel said...

That looks nice, everyone! Too bad it looks a little chilly that first day. Otherwise, it looks like a nicer alternative to Harvard Square, with the park right there.