Tuesday, September 03, 2013

BCC: End of August Tornado // Chess at its Best

NM Godin, Arun, Theil, Williams, top the Chart
NM Eric Godin v Carey Theil: Draw!
Eric and Carey each scored 3 points to share 1-4th place.
Siddharth Arun v Nathan Smolensky, TD
Siddharth scored 3 points to share 1-4th place
and attained a 2200 rating in the process! Bravo Master Arun.
Hats off to Harold Dondis, Esq. who came to play on this
Labor Day Weekend event. Here is faces off with
Professor Jerry Williams, (R=3) who attained his best result
to date: 3 points and a share of 1-4th place. Bravo, Jerry!
Harold Dondis, Esq: a job well done!
At almost 92, Harold is still making them lay down their king!
Tony DiNosse plays Dr. I. J. Dahabreh, Round 3.
Dr. Issa J. Dahabreh, MD.
New Face at the BCC. Welcome, Dr. Dahabreh!
Asst. Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice
at Brown University, Providence, RI.
Dr. Dahabreh is originally from Athens, Greece and
now lives in Brighton, MA.
Late-breaking news from the New England Open 
Championship 2013, Leominster, MA
NM Andrew Wang scored 5/6 to share 1-2nd place in Open 
Section with IM Bill Paschall, long-time BCC player.
Andrew also scored 7.5 points in the NE Open Blitz Ch to share 2-3rd place
with FM Bill Kelleher. NM V. Martirosov won the event with 8 points.
Frank Wang, Andrew's dad, scored 6.5 points to share 4-6th points.
BCC Champion NM Lawyer Times was 7th with 6 points.
NM Mika Brattain scored 4/6 to clinch 4th place
in the Open Section.
BCC's own Lucy Cai achieves
new milestone rating of 1549 (+68)
in the U1750 Section of the NE Open 2013.
Tom Sifter scored 4/6 points 
to finish 4-8th in the U1750 Section 
of the NE Open, with a (+12) rating change.
Sandeep Shankar also scored 4/6 (+43) rating change,
in the U1750 Section of the NE Open
to share 4-8th place.
Mateos Sahakian scored 4.5/6 to share 1-4th place
in the U2000 Section. Bravo, Mateos, way't go!
Aashish Welling scored 4/6 to share 5-6th place
with James Zhou in the U2000 section.
Ray Behenna scored 4/6 to share 3-6th place
in the U1500 Section.
Michael Yu scored 3.5/4 to share 1-2nd place
in the MACA NE Open K-12 U1500 with David McCabe.
David Zhu Sun scored 3/4 to share 3-6th place.
Welcome back college students!
Hope to see you at the next BCC
chess tournament!

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