Sunday, February 19, 2017

17th annual Paramount

DateMonday, March 6, 2017 - Monday, May 8, 2017
Event Format10 Rounds 2RR. Players divided into six player sections by rating.
Time Control40/90, SD/60 d5. Adjournments are allowed after 3 hours of play, 11:15 PM at the latest.
Entry Fee$35, $20 for BCF Members, $5 more at the door
Prizes50% EF
Registration6:30pm - 7:00pm
Round Times7:15pm
Entry ListCurrent Pre-Registration List

 Save $5
Enable smoother pairing, 
since this is a double round robin event
 and all pairings for the ten rounds will be set the first evening.


17th Annual Paramount

Weekly on Mondas
     40 Norris St, Cambridge, MA 02140, USA

For some people, spring is signaled 
by the start of Red Sox reporting to spring training, 
by groundhog day, 
by the returning swallows to Capistrano...

But for many of us it is the

This will be the 17th annual edition of the popular tournament (there was a hiatus in 2016), 

a ten-round, double round-robin.
Initiated by past BCC president Bryan Clark
this format [generous time control with two try's against known opponents bunched in competitive groups] remains popular. 
And it is one of the few tournaments left that incorporate adjournments.
At $2 per evening for ten Monday evenings for BCC members,  this is is an incredible bargain for a high quality chess match.
If you haven't played in a Paramount before, give it a try.
If you have, please play again.

As Steve Stepak has put it:

"This is a thinking person's event: 10 rounds, double round robin.  The time control is: 40 moves in 90 minutes (+5" delay) and then G/60. A nuance in the time control is: after 3 hours of play, the game may be adjourned and resumed on a day agreed to by the players.  So this event is for players who like to think out complex combinations and strategies on the board and need the time to do so and who enjoy analyzing adjourned positions and resuming the game like was done in the "old days" . . . in the time of Bobby Fischer, for example.  Today, due to the proliferation of chess programs like Rybka (3199), Fritz (3080), Shredder (3058) and now Houdini (rating 3287) there is no more adjournment option, neither in professional chess play or most amateur club play. So the BCC Paramount may be one of the last places on earth where there is indeed an adjournment."
                       Steve Stepak's photo report on the last Paramount. 

 The crosstable for the 16th Paramount in 2015 is here.

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