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Cortizas Photo Gallery: Future Masters at BCC, July 2018

banner:  Anthony Cortizas, Jr

Photo Gallery 

Future Masters at BCC 

July 2018

photos by   Anthony Cortizas, Jr.

Here are some photos from today’s Future Masters Scholastic Tournament at the BCC. A good time was had by all.
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Nicholas Sterling posted in Bay State Chess Kings Facebook Group.
Nicholas Sterling
July 9 at 8:23 PM
Fellow BCF and Future Masters Scholastic players,

I simply cannot say enough good things about Lawyer Times and his amazing chess education program Future Masters. On a weekend with a big chess event elsewhere, we were able to whip together a last-minute Scholastic Tournament at BCF and come away with a complement of the wished-for - AND attained! - 30 players. Thanks to everyone who came, and strong appreciation to those parents and kids in Future Masters who helped promote this event.

The U1400 Section was very spare this time, but we will gradually get some of the younger Future Masters players higher in rating and be able to flesh out that Section with a higher complement of higher-rated players.


U1400: Leonard Sweeney-Barrett
U700:  Jesse Zhang
Top Player Aged 11+: Ramaiza Sohail
Top Player Aged 8+: Raymond Vasile (2nd Place: Shouri Mosaliganti)

The two big Future Masters events coming up will be held at Harvard University on Saturday 9/15/18 and Sunday 11/11/18. These are open to all ages. We hope to have many of you play.

Photos in this album captioned "Future Masters Scholastic BCC Tournament 7/8/18" are contributed courtesy of Tony Cortizas. Thanks to Nithin Kavi and to all the Future Masters personnel for their assistance with TD and supervision, and thanks to BCF for generously hosting this very successful Scholastic.

See you over the board.

Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D.
Future Masters & BCF
Local TD

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