Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Boylston Chess: Legends of Chess - Smyslov ... report

banner:  Tony Cortias, Jr.

Legends of Chess:  Smyslov

photo:  Nick Sterling

Nicholas Sterling
September 24 at 11:09 PM
Fellow BCF Chess players,

After we came from for air - gasp, gasp - from last weekend's massively overcrowded tournament schedule, we had a modest but still much better attended LOC Smyslov. . With 26 players, we were unable to field the separate U1500 Section, so we got by with Open and U2000.

The Open Section proved that it's sometimes the player who persists the most steadfastly who ends up winning. In this case, an 1800 player triumphed even though we had several players north of that rating.

The U2000 Section featured a massive 4-way tie for 1st place, and the U1500 a 2-way tie. I extend welcome to Pitambar Dayal, one of our newest players who debuted last week at the Harvard Open. He and I slugged it out in a side game featuring the Classical Dutch, and it was one of the most fascinating games I played.



1st Place: Nicholas Stevenson

2nd Place (tied): Joaquin Carlson, Alexander Meng, Lewis Tu


1st Place (tied): Thomas Ha, Riya Kanury, Robert Holmgren, Robert Oresick


1st Place (tied): Eric Li, Jericho Carlson

Finally, I would like to welcome Suraj Ramanathan and Alexander Meng, who both played here, to the Waltham Club Championship starting next month.

See you over the board.

Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D.
BCF, Local TD

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