Monday, August 12, 2019

Boylston Chess: Sunday event survey

Sunday event survey

Dear chess playing friend of the Boylston ...

Yesterday we had a very pleasant and very small tournament - Milestones Sunday.
Some of us are puzzled why more than 40 people played chess at the club on Saturday and only a handful on Sunday.  

We are curious why Sunday events are so consistently under attended.
Sundays would appear to be a fine time for a weekend chess event. 
Sunday tournaments are less hectic and crowded.
And importantly for some, parking at meters is free on Sunday.

Would you mind taking a minute to give us some feedback on 
why you play or don’t play on Sundays at the Boylston.   
- What are the main obstacles to your playing on Sunday?
- What  could we do to attract you to play on Sunday events?

Please send your comments to

Amici summus,


Jacob C said...

The Sunday events typically have a worse prize-to-entry-fee ratio, and they're only 3 rounds long, vs. 4 rounds on Saturday. Those are my reasons for not playing.

Unknown said...

Because of the parking advantages, I am already more inclined to go on Sundays than Saturdays.

Guest said...

I don't play that often but I never would play two days in a row. Saturday gives me a much better chance of getting competitive pairings. If I am playing 1 tournament or so a month I would like to avoid playing someone 400 points above or below me. The smaller crowd means more mismatches.

Unknown said...

There is a screamingly obvious (to me anyway) reason why the Sunday Milestones tournaments have dramatically fewer players than on Saturdays. Approximately 2/3 (give or take) of the players on Saturday are under 18, and if you extend the age to under 21 then it rises a bit to more, perhaps to 75%-80% are under 21 on Saturdays. The Sunday Milestones tournaments deliberately exclude the vast bulk of the Saturday players.

In my opinion this explains pretty close to 100% of the turnout difference.