Friday, April 08, 2005

Think like a Grandmaster

Will higher goals and a positive attitude accelerate your improvement? Steve Pavlina thinks it will.
Suppose you're about to learn something totally new to you. Let's say it's learning to play chess. In the first scenario, imagine you don’t care how good you get and that you just want to try it to see how it goes for you. In the second scenario, picture yourself as a next world chess champion, putting even Gary Kasparov's amazingly successful career to shame. Can you see how the second attitude will sharpen your focus for learning chess today -- right now -- even if you never do become a grandmaster? What would you do differently with the second attitude that you wouldn't do with the first?

The attitude of mastery causes you to take a long-term strategic approach to learning. You understand that any early weaknesses will be magnified as you progress, so you take the time to lay a solid foundation with no gaps.

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