Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Inside the US Open

I just came across a new chess blogger who is providing daily insider reports from the US Open (or the 107th as he prefers to call it). While DrewG is focusing primarily on his own games, he is providing some interesting background and color. For example:

....so I don't get this at all and have never seen it in a chess tournament before but, there was a group of younger players, I believe all female which is a rare sighting itself at a chess tourney, that had on complete kabuki-esque face and body paint. Some in white face paint and red arms, others in all red with sparkly crap in their hair. What the?? It was fun at first I'm sure as they walked into the hall and attracted a bit of attention.

And this:
I had the unfortunate luck of playing my game in the vicinity of someone working their "chessfunk" pretty strong. This round was brought to you by the letters "P" and "U". To generalize, some in the chess-playing community have a dubious relationship with soap and water. I happened to be seated near someone going through a divorce with their Lever2000.
Check out The Royal Game.

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