Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hundreds of channels - no monthly fee

Forever is a long time, so you never know (see The Chess Mind for a specific example).

In any case, at Chess for Blood, Patrick's closing post uses cable television as a means for describing several chess blogs:
I trimmed my links to the right because I think that blogs are like TV channels-- you only need a few, and you don't even really need those. The Kenilworthian is like The Learning Channel with all its erudite commentary, Blue Devil is like PBS for his academic treatises on piece activity, EmilyChess is like the Disney Channel for her kid-friendly enthusiasm. Boylston is perhaps like C-SPAN for noting news with varying degrees of relevance. Jim West is like AMC, American Movie Classics, because his articles are old but not outdated. There are also other chessblog channels like the Cartoon Network, depending on your taste.
In a follow-up comment, BDK suggested that Chess for Blood was like SpikeTV. I suppose Susan Polgar is like Biography (well, Autobiography actually) and Chess News and Events is like CNN Headline News. Any other suggestions?

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