Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Reubens Landey 2007 round 3

After three (of five) rounds, Alan Price (3) has slipped ahead of the pack in the Reubens Landey. An astonishing 5 players took byes for this round, including Greg Kaden (2.5), so his match with Alan is put off to round 4. Carey Theil (2) defeated Alexander Paphitis (1) and will face 12 year old Andrew Wang (2) next week. Andrew beat Walter Driscoll (1). Jason Rihel (1.5) will face Alex Slive (1.5) who got a fish egg from Frank Frazier (0.5) for his own collection of chess caviar. Farzad Abdi (1.5) had to accept a draw with Simon Warfield (1.5), who will face the hopefully healthier Ken Newman (2). Philip Nutzman (1) will take on Walter, and Natasha Christiansen (1) will play Alexander.

The winner or winners will be invited into the BCC championship, in which 9 or 10 club masters play a round-robin for honor, $300, and free entry to a year's worth of BCC tournaments.
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