Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Knight Time

  • Farhad puts it all in perspective. While you might be miffed about another flawed problem in CT-Art, he has to deal with violent protests, government imposed curfews, sabotaged internet lines and blocked mobile phone connections, all while needing to be "...careful with my words..." Oh, and as a result, he's "...really fallen behind on the microdrills." I think we can give him a pass.

  • Phorku shares an example of the thoughtful, gentlemanly banter you can experience at many online chess sites.

  • I'm trying to remember why I decided to include this link to Pale Morning Dun's blog. Was it because I agreed with his point of view or because I enjoyed "reading" his post? I guess I'll have to "read" it a few more times to jog my memory.

  • J'adoube's new job forces him to call it quits -- following in De La Maza's footsteps to the very end.

  • Keystor and Sir Rocky Rook have been placed in cold storage (read: hiatus).

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