Saturday, September 15, 2007

Wamala chess friends doubt verdict, prosecutor makes stupid chess joke

From "Ex-teacher convicted in rape case" at the Nashua Telegraph:
Wamala organized chess tournaments called the NorthEast Getaway, which drew ranked players from across the region.

Two of those chess players, Robert Feldstein and his wife, Debbie Rothman, traveled from New York City to watch the trial and support their friend Wamala.

The couple said even after the conviction that they do not believe the charges against their friend.

Rothman said she hopes the victim will eventually "come forward" and admit the allegations are not true.

From "Ex-teacher guilty of rape" at the Lowell Sun:
After the verdict, prosecutor Roger "Rusty" Chadwick said the verdict rewarded the victim for her courage in coming forward.

Prosecutors had suggested that Wamala had attempted to tamper with some of the witnesses to get them to change their testimony, but the youngest victim stood firm. And the jury, Chadwick said, was able to see the truth.

"Wamala, the so-called chess champion, just checkmated himself," Chadwick said.

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