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BCC Herb Healy Open House 2008

Since 1974 chess players have started the new year with a tournament and open house at the Boylston Chess Club. In 1980 the open house was dedicated to Herb Healy, who is described below by Bernardo Iglesias.
This year there were 41 players and many visitors. Former US Champion GM Larry Christiansen played again this year, along with IM David Vigorito, current BCC and Massachusetts Champion, and FM Paul MacIntyre, current BCC President and BCC Champion (2004, 2003, 2001, & 2000).

Other former BCC Champions playing included FM Bill Kelleher (1987, 1984, 1983, 1981, 1980, & 1979), FM Chris Chase (2006, 1998, 1994, 1990), NM Alex Cherniack (1995, 1989), and FM Jacob Rasin (just visiting; 1997,1995,1993,1992,1991, & 1990).

Bernardo Iglesias was again the able TD, assisted by Walter Driscoll and Scott Caplan. Mike Griffin catered the affair as Irving Yaffee was unable to attend. Tony Cortizas and Steve Stepak, two pre-eminent portrait photographers, documented the event, as they have so often done in the Boston chess world. Robert Oresick also snapped some shots in between getting clobbered by Seth Lieberman and Natasha Christiansen.


Herbert E. Healy was born in 1885 and died on Wednesday, January 9, 1974 in Boston. He was 88 years old and one of the original Charter members of the Boylston Chess Club at its official organization in 1919. He was Secretary Emeritus at his death.

“The Club was saddened by the death of Herbert Healy, Charter Member and Secretary Emeritus, on Wednesday night, January 9, 1974. This occurred only days after the Herbert Healy Appreciation Tournament (the 30-30 New Year’s Event) and Testimony was held in his honor. Wednesday had a 10”-12” snowfall, but Mr. Healy showed up at the Union and peeked into the Chess Quarters. [ He went to his home in the South End on Brookline Ave.] He died in his sleep. (Only Dave Hudnut, in the Providence Rhode Island area, remains as a Charter Club Member.)”

In 1980, the New Year's 30/30 was permanently dedicated to him as Herbert E. Healy Open house. Herbert E. Healy along with Harry Lyman, Irving Yaffee, Myer Edelstein and others customarily provided food to the participants of this event.

This information was taken from minutes of the club from January 27, 1974 and talking with Mr. Harry Lyman and William Lukowiak in past years. There are more testimonies about Mr. Healy that I am omitting.

Bemardo Iglesias

December 2007

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