Monday, March 17, 2008

$10 Open at the BCC

On Saturday, March 15 there was a very successful $10 Open at the BCC - in fact, it was one of the largest and strongest open, Swiss tournaments we've had in many months.

43 players entered, including 2 IM's (Vigorito and Yedidia), 5 masters (Riordan, Chase, Cherniack, Godin, and Times) and 8 experts (Calhoun, Plotkin, Chinodakufa, Goodman, Theil, Noy, Yeh, and Mays) in the Open section, won by Riordan and Chase with 3.5 each.
13 players contested in the U1800 section, won by Nicholas Zhang and Seth Lieberman, also with 3.5 each.
Thanks again to Bernardo Iglesias, the able and patient Tournament Director.

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