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Once titled, always titled...

The reason I had asked in the previous thread what is an ex-master is that in 2006 I had sought clarification on the use of titles by the USCF:

Robert Oresick wrote:

Perhaps you can help me. I have on at least two occasions been questioned on my use of the title "NM" when referring to players whose current rating is below 2200. My understanding is that once a player has attained a published rating of 2200+, they have earned the title "National Master", and that once titled, always titled.

While FIDE titles are published with a uscf members rating and membership information, nothing is published about USCF titles. Nor can I find a clear and official
definition of the various USCF titles on the webpage. In the past I have queried this, and received a good explanation, including FIDE definaitions, but I can't find it in the rule book or web page.

Thanks for your help. Robert Oresick

Chuck Lovingood to Joan Dubois, Oresick 11/1/06 Reply
Joan DuBois wrote:
Oct. 30, 2006

Hello Mr. Oresick,

I'm going to
forward your email to Chuck Lovingood, one of our rating experts in the office. Chuck can explain to you the different rating/title levels. I'll ask Chuck to copy me on his reply so I can add his information to the OTB Ratings FAQ's we offer on our website. Thank you for letting us know we having nothing on the web about them

Yours for Chess, Joan DuBois
U.S. Chess Director of:Communications, National Events,
Outreach, Website Content & Correspondence ChessPO Box 3967Crossville, TN
38557(931) 787-1234

Mr. Oresick,
You are correct in that players never lose their titles. As for the USCF titles, the two over the board titles are National Master (obtained by reaching 2200 USCF) and Life Master (obtained by playing 300 games at 2200 or higher).

As for posting this information, we will include it under the FAQ
section on the USCF website in the near future. Thanks for your inquiry.
Chuck Lovingood

Reply Reply to all Forward
Robert Oresick to Allan, David, Ross, WFM, Chuck show details 11/1/06 Reply

Dear Mr. Lovingood -

Thank you and Joan for your speedy and clear response. I appreciate that you will post a notice about titles on the FAQ site.

Might I suggest that as we put FIDE titles on each members rating history and membership status, we might put USCF titles on the page as well. I think it would help TDs list players correctly on pairings and crosstables, honoring them as I think we
should for their achievement.

Thanks again.
Robert Oresick

So, my understanding from this correspondence is that once a player has acheived a published rating (even in a monthly or bi-monthly supplement), the title of National Master has been earned. And even if the rating drops back below 2200, the title remains.

Once titled, always titled. There are no ex-masters.

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