Saturday, May 17, 2008

Recent Chess Results at the Boylston

May 3rd Swiss

The esteemed BCC President Paul MacIntyre swooped in for a rare weekend appearance and takes first place. His win over Chris Chase in the third round ended Chris's string of BCC tournament victories, but I'm sure this is only a temporary setback.

Wednesday Quick Quads-May 7th

Ten players braved the blistering pace of the G30 Wednesday night quads, which is now a club WEEKLY event. Laywer Times won the top quad 3-0, while Adam Pittman took top honors in the 2nd group. The biggest upset victory was Natasha Christiansen's victory over Greg Kaden, whose rating had been soaring (almost 200 points in a year and a half!) from 2000, when I met him back in 2007, to a brief spell at 2200 in April. Expert floor to flirting with master in a year -- what's your secret Greg? Maybe Natasha knows the secret, too-- her rating recovered 100 points in a month!

Saturday G60 Quads, May10th

Twenty-five players tackled the ever-popular Saturday G60 Quads at the BCC. Game in 60 minutes is no leisure walk, especially when facing players of similar rating.

The top section of 4 masters* saw a tie between Chris Chase and Chris Williams at 2.5 each.

Quad#2 was won by Ben Goldberg, who slashed through three other experts to acheive a perfect 3-0.

Quad#3's victor was Afranio Soares, whose Harvard Square seasoning paid off in spades. Jesse Nicholas's razor sharp tactics in a Silician Dragon claimed a 200 point ratings upset win against Jason Rihel in quad 3, the biggest upset of the day.

Quad#4 was won by the popular BCC blogger Mike Griffin, who held the top spot despite a first round loss.

Quad#5 first place was taken by Adam Yedidia, with a fine 2.5/3 effort over a tight field. Speaking of ratings gains, Adam has soared over 200 points in six months. One of his victories was over Seth Lieberman, who is up over 100 points in the past six months as well. What fountain is everyone drinking from? I know it isn't the BCC water cooler....

Quad#6 was taken by Alexander Lee with a perfect score.

If you attended these events, and have stories to relate, please share them. I can only add what I saw personally, and I would love to hear other vignettes from these events.

* May 21st- An earlier version of this post included the phrase ("and ex-masters"), but it has been clearly established by Bob Oresick's research and post(see above) that once a master, always a master.

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