Sunday, June 28, 2009

Those madcap Québécois

I never played in the masochistic all-night Monadnock Marathon chess tournaments once held in New Hampshire, but it seems the madness continues in Québec.

If I am reading the French write-up ("Le 25 heures d'échecs") correctly, starting this coming Saturday (July 4th) there will be 25 hours straight of chess activities, starting at 1 pm, punctuated by dinner, breakfast, and lunch breaks ("game analysis"). (Those wild enough to play should arrive by noon with 50 Canadian dollars.)

Between the eminently appropriate hours of 5 am and 7:30 am, the scheduled activity appears to be "Storm over the chessboard" -- whoever "loses," wins. I imagine that means you throw your king and other pieces at your opponent in a violent attempt to get your opponent to checkmate you. Now THAT game might not be good for your chess....

Anyone whose "French language rating" is higher than mine (Adam? Nicholas?), please jump right in and correct me.

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