Monday, January 18, 2010

Chess Library at the BCF: Rihel Effort Shown

What is the difference between a book collection and a library? For the past two years Dr. Jason Rihel (Biochemist by trade) worked on cataloging the BCF's chess books. He determined that there exists 2100 volumes, including DVDs and VHS tapes. For those months Jason would be seen connected to his IBM laptop sitting by stacks of books typing away. This one-man Herculean task called the Chess Club Library Project now provides us members with two lists of this great asset.

  • List one: BCF books and media materials.
  • List two: Duplicate books, which are for sale and currently have brought in over $200 to date.

Now we know what we have. And if you are interested in buying a book it will help the club as well.

So thank you Jason Rihel for sacrificing the time to inventory these books thus enabling the rest of us to know what the BCF has and allow us to enjoy them.

BCF members: did you have any ideas as to how we can improve our library?

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Thank You

Mike Griffin 01/18/2010

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