Saturday, January 02, 2010

Herb Healy 2010

The annual Herb Healy Open House ushered in the new chess year.

Only 46 players entered the rated and unrated events, though many others visited and greeted old friends. The total was down about 20 from last year.

The TDs were Bernardo Iglesias and Walter Driscoll. Mike Griffin prepared a delicious spread again this year. [Irv Jaffe, who for many years was the chief cook, is recuperating from a back injury.] The enterprising Jason Rihel who recently cataloged the BCF library sold off many duplicates and earned a nifty sum for the foundation.

NM Lawyer Times won the rated section (n = 28) with 4.0. FM Denys Shmelov was 2nd with 3.5. Tied for 3rd with 3.0 were NM Chris Williams, NM Carey Theil, NM Greg Kaden, Simon Warfield and Ben Goldberg. Though Ben only got the bronze, he is lucky in love, as his beautiful girlfriend accompanied him to the tournament and patiently observed his games.

NM Charles Riordan’s 4 points won the unrated section (16 players). FM Bill Kelleher and LM Alex Cherniack tied for second with 3.0. Tied for 3rd were Winston Huang, Alex Slive, Embert Lin, Robert Huntington, WFM Vesna Dimitrijevic, and Paul Mishkin.

If you would like to view some photos, check out this link.

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