Friday, July 30, 2010

Chess and football

Patriots running back Laurence Maroney turns to chess to help his game

chess-board2.jpgLaurence Maroney had a captive audience earlier today, as he explained how he’s using the game of chess to help make him a better football player.

”Chess can help with football because the one thing about chess, you’re not moving for right now, you’re moving to set up moves later on. That’s how football is,” Maroney said. ”You’re making a move to set up something later on. I can see the linebacker here, but what move can I do to set this safety up, also?

Maroney, who recently donated chess boards to the Taunton girls and boys clubs, has been in a chess club the last three years learning from the grand masters.

Maroney said he plays against a few of his teammates, but wouldn’t identify them.

Was he the best chess player on the team?

”No, but I’m going for it. ” Maroney answered. ”I’m practicing to get there.”

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