Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Jeff Hall, Sean Ingham, and Dave Glickman are the 2010 BCF U2200 co-Champions

In an exciting 4th round of the 2010 BCC Reubens Landey U2200 Championship, Jeff Hall, who needed only a draw for an exclusive first place, faltered against Dave Glickman. And Sean Ingham defeated Jason Rihel to become a co-equal.

Jeff Hall photo: Robert Oresick

Sean Ingham: photo: Robert Oresick

Dave Glickman photo: Anthony Cortizas Jr.

So, with 3.0, Jeff, Dave, and Sean are the 2010 U2200 co-Champions. Jeff was first among equals on the basis of tie-breakers, and so is invited to play in the 2010 Boylston Championship -- not bad for his first tournament at the club.

Sean is second and Dave is third by tie-breaks, and if necessary, they would enter the championship in that order

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