Thursday, February 24, 2011

12th annual Paramount

For some people spring is signaled by the start of Red Sox reporting to spring training, by groundhog day, by the returning swallows to Capistrano...

But for many of us it is the Paramount.

This will be the 12th annual edition of the popular tournament, a ten-round, double round-robin. Initiated by Bryan Clark, this format [generous time control with two try's against known opponents bunched in competitive groups] remains popular. And it is one of the few tournaments left that incorporate adjournments.

Monday, Feb 28 – May 2: 12th Annual Paramount

* 10 Rounds
* 2RR
* Players divided into six player sections by rating
* 40/120, G/50
* Adjourments are allowed after 4 hours of play
* Entry fee: $25, $20 to BCF members
* Prizes: 50% EF
* Registration: 6:00 to 6:45 PM Round at 7PM

TD Robert Oresick
assistant TD Bernardo Iglesias

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