Thursday, March 24, 2011

IM Marc Esserman loses to a girl

Mar 19, 2011
Boylston Chess Club

Between rounds at the recent $10 Open, IM Marc Esserman entertained the youths with some quick matches: 10 minutes versus 12 seconds with a digital clock -- no delay.

Sabrina Zhang
won one when Marc's flag dropped and she got him to sign the surrender document before she and Michelle started texting the news - (to Jenifer Shahade?)




David Glickman said...

Just out of interest, how does one set an analog clock to 12 seconds?

Robert Oresick said...

with a digital clock and no delay. and a blogger who mis-blogged. bob

Anonymous said...

Esserman just doesn't know how to play an even material game anymore...he should stick to Qa7.

Chris Desmarais

Ken Ho said...

I think the answer to Dave's question should have been, "Very carefully."

It's good to see that Marc Esserman continues to enrich/entertain folks at the club. Some time back, Marc provided insightful comments when Larry Eldridge and I were conducting a postmortem of our just-finished game.

After Marc meandered off, Larry asked me who that masked man was. That was not just any masked man, I related, that was an IM.

A similar thing happened when Kyle Clayton and I were engaged in our postmortem some years back. I was pretty deeply engrossed in what had been a complicated game, and didn't look up when another voice started contributing various variations. I could soon tell, however, that whoever belonged to that voice was a pretty darn strong player. I would subsequently learn that the masked man was IM Satea Husari.

Kind of nice, getting unsolicited IM comments. Just another day at the Boylston Chess Club....

rickford said...

Esserman has given me countless free lessons just for being willing to listen attentively. This kind of selfless sharing of knowledge is just typical of the man, who is driven in everything he does by a deep and often fanatical love for the game's purity. He's a total class act and I vacillate between being sickened and amused by the lack of respect he gets from the chess "powers that be."


Anonymous said...

Esserman is a tennis pro masquerading as a chess player. He is only knowledgeable about unsound openings like the Smith-Morra gambit.

Sabrina zhang said...

just saying, michelle and i werent texting. we were simply playing games on her itouch. and what is so bad about losing to a girl??