Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Esserman in Barcelona, Spain

Marc's next European event is in Spain, where he will be 17th on the wallchart:

This event is coming on the heels of his Italian event, where he finished with 6 points in a big logjam for 3rd place with several IMs and GMs. That result was good enough for a 2500+ performance rating and a handful of rating points edging Marc close to the 2460 mark. Those who watched the live games knows that Marc is playing very dynamic chess right now (lots of exchange sacs in 9 rounds!), and he had several chances in the Italian tournament to fight for a 1st-2nd place performance. Also, by our count, he is 7/8 with the Black pieces during this trip.

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BlunderProne said...

IM Bryan Smith mentions Marc in this blog post at about Chess Telepathy!