Sunday, June 26, 2011

Grand Prix- Halfway point Leaders

35 players participated in the 6th Grand Prix event at the Boylston Chess Club, shuffling the leaderboard at the halfway point. (Click to enlarge).

In the U2400 section, Chris Chase has reclaimed the lead with 7.5 points. Tian Rossi, who has only played in two Grand Prix events is still in the lead in the U2200 section with 7.5 points. However, Jason Rihel, in the U2000 category, has 9.5 points and would overtake Chris and Tian if other contenders rise up. Indeed, at this time Terrance Fricker and Harold Dondis trail the U2400 and U2200 leaders by only 1.5 points and would claim those prizes if they can get ahead.

Robert Holmgren appears to have an insurmountable lead in the U1800 category, with 17 points. However, Mike Griffin is hanging tough with 10.5 points, and the current leaders of the U1600 and U1200 categories could also overtake Robert in some circumstances.

Just like at the top, the bottom has lots of action still in play. The U1600 section is a tie between David Martin and Mark Neale, with 11 points each, but Steve Stepak is on pace with 10 points. The U1400 section is still wide open! At just 3.5 points, Allen Wang is in the lead, but lots of players (including several in the U1200 category) are waiting just behind with 2-3 points. One breakout event from any of them would boost them ahead.

Finally, Thomas DeMartino has taken a huge lead in the U1200 section, with 14.5 points. He was only under 1200 for the briefest of moments at the start of the year-- he has soared +600 points in six months and is now over 1800. One of the quirks of a year-long grand prix event like this-- your starting rating category may not reflect your rating at the end of the year!

With over 80 players participating in at least one Grand Prix, we at the BCC are pleased with this event and hope you are, too.

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