Thursday, October 13, 2011

Next Grand Prix is October 22nd

The Grand Prix is nearing the final stretch, and many of the top prizes are still up for grabs! Even if you are not qualified for one of the prizes this year, it is still the biggest chess bargain in New England-- 4 rated games for only $7.00 to members, $10.00 to non-members.

The Leaderboard is shaking up, with lots of changes up and down the line. Here are the current standings, with the runners-up nipping at the leader's heels.

U2400-- Eric Godin 12, Avraam Pismennyy 9, Chris Chase 7.5
U2200-- Tian Rossi 13, Terrence Fricker 9, James Lung 6
U2000-- Jason Rihel 9.5, Terrence Fricker 9, Mike Griffin 8.5
U1800-- Robert Holmgren 20, Mark Neale 17, David Martin 16
U1600-- Steven Stepak 17.5, Mark Neale 17, David Martin 16
U1400-- Allen Wang 6.5, Tony DiNosse 4.5, James Zhou 3.5
U1200-- Arthur Tang 6, Sean Barkowsky 3.5, Eddie Wang, Justin Wu, Ashok Ramadoss, and Carissa Yip tied at 3.0

In the U2400 section, Eric Godin has launched to the top with a 3.5/4 performance last month. Tian Rossi continues to grow his lead in the U2200 section, where he has been on top since the beginning. In the U2000 section, Jason Rihel's 3-month hiatus has allowed several players to get within one point. (I hope to get some games in this month!) That section will be decided by the last few events. Robert Holmgren has reached the 20 point milestone in the U1800 section, but even that result is not safe from the competitive U1600 crew who are waging a 3-way war. Steven Stepak has clawed out a 0.5 point lead in that stacked U1600 section, but Mark Neale and David Martin are one good event away from retaking that lead. There is a shakeup in the U1400 section, where Allen Wang is now in a 2 point lead. Finally, Arthur Tang's 6 points is still enough to maintain the U1200 lead, but he has a long trail of up-and-comers waiting for one good Grand Prix result to leap into first.


Owen donovan said...


Owen donovan said...

We all know who the real go prix champ is .You can erase his name wrongfully .Certain players will boycott BCC.

Boylston Chess Club said...

We've never had an Owen Donovan play at the BCC or in the USCF, so his boycotting us would seem to have no effect.