Saturday, October 15, 2011

The October Legends of Chess Tournament a Success!

This last Saturday (15 October) the Boylston CC October Legends of Chess Tournament was held.

Doc Kinne, Boylston Chess Club's new Clerk, directed, this being his first tournament of this type as Chief Arbiter "without a net" since 1992. Basically things went smoothly, although there were some exciting moments.

Initially we had only 5 players signed up for the Under 1800 Section, so that section was merged into the Open Section and Under 1800 Class prizes were given. In the end 26 people battled across the checkered board on this middle Saturday in October.

The Under 1800 Class Prize (1st and 2nd Place) was split in a four-way tie:

* Mateos Sahakian
* Allen Wang
* Jerry Willams
* Osemekhian Omoifo
a promising new player who's recently been attending our tournaments.

They all achieved 2.5 points.

Second Place was garnered with 3 points by International Master Marc Esserman.

Finally, the tournament was swept with a perfect score of 4.0, and First Place was awarded to FIDE Master Christopher Chase!

I'd like to close by reminding everyone that we have a magnificent opportunity both for a good amount of fun and the chance to really promote our Club this Thursday, 20 October. Make sure you attend the "Simul in South Station" this Thursday at 5:00PM. Our own Grandmaster Larry Christiansen will be taking on 20 people across the board. This event is free and will be really watched by the public. Bring your friends! This is the perfect opportunity to introduce that friend who wonders what you do on Saturday afternoons!!

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