Monday, December 05, 2011

Grand Prix on Saturday, Dec. 10th-- Winners Will be Decided

In the last Grand Prix event of the year, the prizes are on the line. But even if you aren't in the running, the cheap $10.00 for non-members and $7.00 for members entry fee can't be beat.

This year, the event proved so popular that we are continuing the Grand Prix next year, with the following change-- there will be two Grand Prix events, each lasting six months instead of the full year.

So, with one tournament day left, the following players are within 4.0 points of claiming a prize. Note that since these are Under Prizes, some players are racing to the top of several lists (but will only win one prize). Also, remember that half point byes do not count, but forfeit wins and forced byes DO count.

Under 2400 Prize: Eric Godin 15; Tian Rossi 13, Jason Rihel 12.5, Mike Griffin 12, Terrence Fricker 11.5, Jerry Williams 11

Under 2200 Prize: Tian Rossi 13; Jason Rihel 12.5; Mike Griffin 12; Terrence Fricker 11.5; Jerry Williams 11; Harold Dondis 10.5

Under 2000 Prize: Jason Rihel 12.5; Mike Griffin 12; Terrence Fricker 11.5; Jerry Williams 11; Harold Dondis 10.5

Under 1800 Prize: Steven Stepak 22; Robert Holmgren 21.5; Mark Neale 21.5; David Martin 18

Under 1600 Prize: Steven Stepak 22; Mark Neale 21.5; David Martin 18

Under 1400 Prize: Allen Wang 8.5 Arthur Tang 8.5, James Zhou 5.5; Tony Di Nosse 5.5; Brandon Wu 5; Justin Wu 5

Under 1200 Prize: Arthur Tang 8.5; Justin Wu 5

As you can see, none of the sections are locked up, and only Arthur Tang has more than a 2 point lead.

Some people are asking what happens if the lower rated people get ahead of the higher rated players-- if they have a higher score, then they will win the higher prize. If a player places first in two sections, that player will win the prize that maximizes the scores of the other section winners. For example, right now Steven Stepak is in first in both the U1800 and the U1600 prizes. If Mark Neale ends up with more points that Robert Holmgren, then Steven will get the U1800 prize and Mark will get the Under 1600 prize (which are worth the same). However, if Robert ends up with a higher score than Mark, then Steven will get the U1600 prize and Robert will get the U1800 prize.

OK, leaders-- don't squander your chance to win some great free entries or free membership! Everyone else, come for some pre-holiday rated games.


mrneale said...

The unaskable question... What happens if there is a tie? You don't need to answer... really.

Three people within half a point of each other all vying for two prizes (U1600 & U1800) it could happen.

Just trying to keep things exciting. I'll do my best to avoid such a situation. :)

- Mark

mrneale said...

Of course, I meant a tie for second place. That is far more interesting than a tie for first.

Rihel said...

When we created the Grand Prix at the beginning of the year, I honestly thought a few regulars would just run away with it after 12 months of accumulating scores. But the Grand Prix turned out to be far more popular than we expected, with more than 30 players every month.

The Board of Directors meets tomorrow and we will decide what to do about ties. My guess is that the Board will be generous in the case of ties.

If, for example, you and Holmgren tie for second place in the U1800, following the idea of maximizing winning scores, we will likely declare Steven is the U1600 winner and you and Holmgren are co-first in the U1800.