Sunday, December 04, 2011

November's Thursday Night Swiss

The Boylston Chess Club's November Thursday Night Swiss finished up just last Thursday. Yes, we finished up in December, largely because we didn't play on Thanksgiving. The Arbiter and Organizer probably rather properly thought that our player's families would...object.

Coming in at 2nd Place Under 1800 with 2.5 points was
Brian Costello.

First Under 1800, again, with 3.0 points was:
Harold Dondis.

Overall Second Place needed 3.0 points to garner and was divided among three people:
Harold Dondis,
Ross Eldridge,
Taylor Curtis

Clearing the field by a full 1/2 point (3.5) was November's Thursday Night Swiss Winner:
Osemekhian Omoifo!

The tournament was directed by everyone's favorite "tiny TD," Doc Kinne.

Will Ose retain his title in December? Will he defend? Will Harold Dondis continue to make a habit of getting 1st Under 1800? Come join us for the December Thursday Night Swiss starting this Thursday, 8 December!

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