Friday, June 22, 2012

Some thoughts and photos

 by Steve Stepak:

I thought it might be fun to promote chess. Park Street tries to start chess scene. There are tables and one set which is donated for anyone to play + bring your own sets. I thought maybe some seasoned chess players might start showing up at the Park St site to play and spread the news about chess (and the BCC) in Massachusetts and the world.

[ Editor's note.  The Boylston's Nathan Smolensky and others like Natasha 
have been promoting chess at this site.   See other posts on this blog.]

I thought you might publish these photos on Boylston Blog.  George Caponigro works with kids and homeless people. He's in the red shirt. And the Harvard Square Master chair is filled by "Andre" from Leningrad/St.Petersburg USSR/Russia. 
Here are my digital photos of George Capinegro and Andrew Froim (master of Harvard Square) . . . I get so many families passing through the chess scene at Harvard Square, I thought if you posted the photos and alerted the world that there is chess activity both at Park Street and at Au Bon Pain Harvard Square Cambridge, I am sure that the Boylston Chess Club will benefit.  So many people ask about chess so I can easily give them the Boylston Blog internet address to get them introduced to chess in the Boston/Cambridge/Somerville area. 

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