Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Personal Blast From the Past...

As some of you may or may not know, my Mom died last year right before the 3rd Round of my first Thursday Night Swiss in August. As part of the inevitable "going through possessions," I received a packet from my sister a little more than a week ago. In it were several newspaper clippings of my time and activities as a teenager.  I thought the club might like to see a couple of them.

The above photograph (and the one following) is from 16 December 1982 edition of the Syracuse Post Standard. I like to think this is photographic proof that I was once young, hot, and actually sported reasonable hair on my head!

Here I play with one of my favorite rivals from childhood, Becky Ball, the daughter of tournament organizer and Director Joe Ball, who originally trained me as a TD and greatly encouraged my play up until the time I entered college. Joe is still an active organizer and arbiter in Central NY.

Amazingly, here is the game from this photograph!

Onondaga County (NY) Scholastic Championship, 11 December 1982
Round 1
White: Richard Kinne-1282
Black: Rebecca Ball-1419

1. d4 d5 2. c4 c5 3. e3 e6 4. Bd2 Nc6 5. Ne2 Nf6 6. Nf4 b6 7. Bc3 Be7 8. Be2 O-O 9. O-O Bb7
10. b3 h6 11. h3 Re8 12. Bf3 Rb8 13. Qc2 Ba6 14. Nd2 b5 15. cxd5 exd5 16. Rfe1 c4 
17. Kh1 Nb4 18. Bxb4 Bxb4 19. a3 cxb3 20. Qb2 Bxd2 21. Qxd2 Ne4 22. Bxe4 Rxe4 
23. Qb4 Qc7 24. Qxb3 Qd6 25. Nxd5 Bb7 26. f3 Bxd5 27. Qb4 Qxb4 28. axb4 Re6 
29. Rxa7 Rc8 30. e4 Bb3 31. Re3 Be4 32. Rc3 R6e8 33. g4 Be2 34. R7a3 Rxc3 
35. Rxc3 Rd8 36. d5 Kf8 37. Kg2 Ke7 38. Rc7+ Kf6 39. Kf2 Bd1 40. Ke3 g6 
41. f4 g5 42. Rc6+ Kg7 43. f5 f6 44. Rc5 Ra8 45. Rxb5 Rc8 46. Rb7 Kg8 47. d6 Rd8 
48. d7 Ba4 49. Kd4 Bb5 50. Kc5 DRAW

I thought the club might get a kick out of these. In every game I play now, this is the boy I'm trying to beat, to prove to myself I still have it, by working to raise my rating above what his was so many years ago!

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