Thursday, August 16, 2012

An Award Winner in Our Midst

IM David Vigorito - 2012 Award Winning Analyst
Last week one of the BCC members was nationally recognized.

Oh, sure, maybe its not unusual for International Master David Vigorito to be recognized, but its always nice that it happens.

As part of the US Open, the Chess Journalists of America hold their Annual Meeting. Part of the purpose of that meeting is to announce their awards for 2012 in chess writing, analysis, reviews, publishing, and editing.

Our own David Vigorito gained an Honorable Mention - 2nd Place - in the "Best Analysis" category for his Chess Horizons article this year, "Opposites Attract."  Congratulations, David!

The Boylston Chess Club and its members - again on the vanguard of US Chess!

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CTheil said...

Congratulations Dave!