Tuesday, September 11, 2012

And So, It Begins...

by Doc Kinne
A Bishop On His Battlefield
Photo © CC BY-SA Doc Kinne
The Boylston Chess Club 2012 Championship, and its related Hauptturnier Tournament, started off in fine form on Monday evening at 7.00PM when several Boylston Chess Club members sat down to battle it out over the board.

The Club Championship will be a 7-round Round Robin tournament. Struggling for title of King of the Heap are, in no particular order, IM Jonathan Yedidia, FM Chris Chase, NM Carey Theil, IM Charles Riorden, NM Lawyer Times, NM Chris Williams, and NM Libardo Rueda.

People playing in the Hauptturnier Tournament this year include Terrance Fricker, Seth Lieberman, Robert Holmgren, Jonathan Lee, Ted Cross, Bernardo Iglesias, and Khimet Sadykov.

Chief Tournament Director for the two events is Robert Oresick. Our Treasurer was unfortunately ill as the tournaments began so Bernardo Iglesias stepped in for him for the time being. We await a good word regarding Bob's health with anticipation.

First Round Results
After several hours of hard fought battles, the following results were garnered.

The Championship
Chris Williams 1, Lawyer Times 0
Jonathan Yedidia 1, Chris Chase 0
Libardo Rueda 1/2, Charles Riordan 1/2

The Hauptturnier
Terrence Fricker 1/2 Khimet Sadykov 1/2
Seth Lieberman 1 Robert Holmgren 0
Jonathan Lee - Ted Cross Postponed.

Meanwhile, we have additional photos from the First Round!

Time Waits for No Chessplayer
Photo © CC BY-SA Doc Kinne

Henry Lyman Watches Over the First Board Battle - Yedidia & Chase
Photo © CC BY-SA Doc Kinne

Lawyer Times Plots His StrategyPhoto © CC BY-SA Doc Kinne
Seth Lieberman Surveys His PositionPhoto © CC BY-SA Doc Kinne

IM Jonathan Yedidia makes the decisive move!Photo © CC BY-SA Doc Kinne

The Second Round for both tournaments continues next Monday night, the 17th.

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