Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Results of the BCC September Grand Prix 

of Sat Sept 15:
Reporting and photography by Steve Stepak 

Grand Prix Round 2 Doc
Emanuel Mevs (Harvard Law School 3 yr student) clear 1st in open section with perfect 4-0.
Oliver Traldi, clear second in open section: 3 out of 4.
Hal Terrie/Luke Lung, 3-4 with 2.5 points
In U1600 section:
Daniel Giaimo, 1st place with 3.5 (gentleman with black tee-shirt, white lettering facing off against 
David Martin, clear 2nd, with 3 points.
Eddie Yi Ming Wei, clear third with 2.5 points
I'm hoping to generate lots of interest in BCC Saturday tournaments and the GP in particulars!
Be well,

Daniel Giaimo playing Ed Chiu R 3
 Grand Prix Round 2 Kavi v Terrie
Grand Prix Round 2 Traldi v Mevs
Grand Prix Round 2 finding the checkmate
Grand Prix mixing it up
Carissa thinking
Carissa Yip ponders move
Eddie records his move
Eddie makes his move
Mevs v Christiansen board 1 Round 3
BCC Grand Prix Round 3
 Eddie v David position game drawn
Edie recording move
Edie thinking
Kavi Laaman R 3
Sandeep ponders
Sandeep Vadlamudi

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