Thursday, April 23, 2015

Women and chess

I have been enjoying reading about Carissa Yip.

... and now Nigel Short is in the news.

Nigel Short on women's short-comings in chess is short-sighted in my opinion.

This all made me think of the medieval  age (when Queen became the most powerful piece on the board)

 and when depictions of chess often showed men and women both enjoying the game.


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Steve Stepak said...

Bob!! Great job in shedding light on the fact that it is essential for both women and men, girls and boys engage in full participation of the sport and the intellectual activity of chess. Well known for its sharpening of analytical skills, chess can only be a total benefit for society if both genders participate in all aspects of the Royal Game, fully! From mentoring the children of our world to serving as role models for children from all corners of the Globe, the female is essential in making the human endeavor for survival and success. The many victories of the Polgar Sisters as well as Carissa Yip and all the other females who have accomplished great milestones in chess, more so than 99 percent of the male population on this good Earth, can only show clearly, that the female is not only hard wired for competitive chess, but absolutely indispensable in the efforts to make chess a viable tool for learning critical analytical skills, applicable for many worthy fields of endeavor like medical research and the study of planetary science, as well as a vital spark of inspiration for girls around the Globe who wish to lift themselves and their families out of poverty and need female role models to help get them through the difficult times, when some men in their communities would go so far as to kill these girls to crush their attempts to modernize their ways and empower themselves for a life in the 21st Century. Females not only as enthusiastic competitors in chess tournaments but also teachers and mentors of young girls in all corners of the world, are essential to embolden the boys and girls seeking enlightenment and encouragement to follow their passions and accomplish great things both in chess and in all other aspects of our demanding life on this planet. Bob !! Great comments. And very timely!