Monday, August 17, 2015

Continental Open, Sturbridge Aug 2015

by Tony Cortizas, Jr

 Click here to visit Tony's entire photo collection of the Continental Open 2015.
(I suggest using the slideshow option to view these beautiful photos. - rjo) 

GM Gata Kamsky and GM Sergey Kudrin led the open section with 5.0 each.

Details of the entire tournament are at the Continental Open crosstable

The more than 70 pictures of players in Sturbridge include prominent GMs and many Boylston Chess Club players:

GM Gata Kamsky
GM Sergey Kudrin and IM Marc Esserman
GM Alexander Shabalov, 2015 US Open Champion

GM Alexander Ivanov

IM Marc Esserman
Carissa Yip
Arthur Guo
Gerry Williams

Percy Yip

IM Marc Esserman

Denys Shmelov

Mark Fins

Andrew Hoy
Natasha Christiansen
Brian Perez-Daple

Nisha Deolalikar
GM Alexandr Lenderman v Christopher Gu
Joseph Perl
Mateos Sahakian
Loring Lauretti
Natasha Christiansen and Carissa Yip

Farzad Abdi

Jonathan Lee
Andrew Hoy
Brant Vernon
Ani Perl
Nithin Kavi
Walter Driscoll
Alex Yu
Bob Oresick

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